25 Reasons or Side Effects why you should quit smoking

Here listed below are the side effects of smoking and why you should stop smoking

#1. Addiction.
Once you have started smoking, you will get more addicted to it and will continue to smoke more often, which is very bad for your health. You will also find very hard to stop smoking.

#2. More Risks of Cancer.
People who smoke have more chances of having cancer. The gas which comes out of smoking is very bad for your health and those who smoke are in risk of developing different type of cancer like oral cancer or lung cancer.

#3. More Risks of heart Diseases.
People who smoke have higher risks of geting heart diseases. Many people who smoke have heart diseases due to smoking.

#4. Smoking Damages your Mouth and Gums.
People who smoke gets their mouth and gums affected. The gas the smoke releases affects your gums and mouth and make them weaker.

#5. More Risks of getting affected by eye diseases.
People who smoke are also in the high risks of getting affected by eye related diseases like cataract and can also in the maximum lead to loss of eye sight.

#6. Higher Risk of injury and slows healing.
Smoking people have higher risks of injury and slows the time it takes to heal from wounds and cuts.

#7. Higehr Risk of getting Buerger Disease.
Buerger disease is a disease that is caused by smoking. Smokers have higher risk of getting this disease.

#8. Higher Risk of Smoking and tobacco related diseases.
Many people who smoke are in the risks of getting smoke and tobacco related diseases often. So please try to avoid smoking.

#9. Higher Risk of geting ulcers.
People who smoke have the higher risks of getting ulcers and bowel problems. The content of cigaratte contains substances which can affect your stomach and digestive systems in lungs.

#10. Set fire to buildings.
Many buildings are set to fire due to the careless of smokers who threw the cigarette nereby.

#11. Respiratory Disease like Asthma
People who smoke get respiratory disease like asthma very soon which will affect their health. Mainly many people get asthma due to smoking.

#12. Smokers have bad breath.
Smokers have bad breath which affects by people moving away from you. Nobody like people with bad breath. This will affect your social life also.

#13. Smoking leads to depression.
You may feel better for some time when you smoke, but the other times you will feel very depressed and leads to addiction of smoking.

#14. Higher risk of Cardiovascular Disease.
People who smoke have higher risks of developing many Cardiovascular Diseases. So it is better to avoid smoking.

#15. Affects nereby persons.
While you smoke, the smoke affects nereby persons in the environment and leads them to have heart disease,respiratory problems and more. If you get affected in diseases then it is your problem, why should other gets affected.

#16. Smokeing Men have higher risks of impotent problems.
People who smoke have the higher risks of getting problems like getting impotent and other problems related to reproduction.

#17. Greater risk of aortic aneurism.
Those who smoke have the greater risk of developing aortic aneurism. So it is best to avoid it.

#18. Greater risks of Dementia and neurologic diseases.
People who smoke have higher risks of developing Dementia and neurologic diseases also.

#19. Smoking Female have fertility problem.
People who smoke more often have the risks of getting more fertility problem and other problems related to it.

#20. Smoking may pass on to children from mothers
In case of breast feeding for children from mothers who smoke, the children may get the effects of the smoking to children.

#21. Smoking can lead to cracked lips, sores, lips colour change.
Smoking can also lead to cracked lips, sores and the color of your lips getting changed.

#22. Higher risks of getting bad skin and wrinkles.
People who smoke have the higher risks of getting bad skin or wrinkles in their face.

#23. Smoking can lead to death.
In many health problems mentioned in the above, which gets worse may lead to death. This will naturally affect your friend and relatives indirectly. You have a life to live, why lose it unnecessarily.

#24. Kids try to do what parents do,
Kids will try to do what parents do as they are their role models, So if you are smoking and have kids, probably your son may follow your style and start smoking. So it is best to stop at this stage itself.

#25. It affects your family and kids,
Many families are affected due to smokers in the family in the form of diseases or even death due to smoking. Are you still not convinced smoking is bad not only for you but also for your kids.

Note to viewers:
If you have a reason or side affect of smoking, Please add to list so that i will add it to this list. By this way we can prevent smoking by educating others to stop it.