Aging is the thing which most of us fear and try to run away from it. First of all Aging is a natural one, you cannot avoid it. Accept the fact and live your life. Many people when aged begin to worry and make their life miserable. What is the main reason? There is a 1 letter word which has different meaning for different reason. Nobody would have lived without thinking it. It is Worry.

What is the main worry for aging people?

They worry about their health

Aged people become to sense they are aged and begin to worry that their health will deteriorate away. It is not the case always. If it happens for somebody, it is not necessary to happen to you also. by worrying about it you are attracting the problem to come nearer to you. Remember what you think make what you are. If you keep on think your health will deteriorate away, your body will also will feel to the thinking and go by its way. First understand that there are many peoples in the world who are having health problems even in childhood days. Think about them. Even if you are facing health problems, think about them. See how small children’s are trying to fight AIDS. Do you have that huge problem? You are grown up and would have faced challenges. But look at these children, they don’t know life and don’t even know how to overcome it. So why are you afraid to fight it when a small girl with cancer is fighting for life to come out of it. So please don’t tell me your problem is bigger than others. For everyone their problem is big until they come out of the box and see others problem.

Worry about death and going to die soon
If you worry about death going to kill you then you are killing yourself many more time than the death. Death is going to come in everybody life. You are worrying about it a thousand times than it is going to happen once. See you have killed yourselves the agony of thousand times of what it will be.

Worry about their children
Your children’s have grown up. They also are living in this world for some time. They would also have faced many challenges. If you are going to tell worry about each problem of them as yours then you are making your life and their lives miserable. Tell them on how to face it, because worrying will not help anybody’s problem whereas facing to overcome challenges will make them strong and will be helpful in their life

Worrying about what will happen to your spouse when you pass away.
The world is not going to stop when a person die. Daily many people die but when the people dearer to us passes away we are most affected. Death is a natural event and every natural event will have its natural course of action. Have faith in god and think that he has brought each one to the world and this too will takes its natural course and reflect good.

10 difference between Youth Vs aged

I can give you lot of difference between Youth and aged

1. Youth is the time where you have the strength and energy to enjoy life but you dont have the money in your pockets whereas when you are aged you have money in your pockets but do not have the intrest to do that.

2. Youth is the time where you don’t have to time to spend with children’s whereas when you are aged you wait for your grand children’s visit especially at holidays.

3. Youth is the time where your hormones are in full swing and your body works in perfect harmony and executes all your orders whereas when you are aged your hormones are less which leads to less interest and your body begins to stop helping you showing that it is also tired.

4. Youth is the time where you begin to love somebody to make as life partner whereas when you are aged you begin to understand and respect her more.

5.Youth is the time where you take risks to try out many things boldly as You would not have the experience to know the consequences whereas when you are aged you would hesitate to risks because your mind is filled with full of experiences which hesitates to do because of some unseen consequences.

6. Youth is the time where you don’t have time to speak to parents whereas when you are aged your children don’t have time to speak with you.

7. Youth is the time where you don’t have the time to worry whereas when you are aged you don’t have time other than worries

8. Youth is the time where you don’t know about life whereas you begin to understand life when you are aged

9. Youth is the age of courage to face anything in life and handle it whereas you begin to lose courage when you grow old.

10. Youth is the age where you don’t take care of anybody whereas aged is the time where you expect others help

What are you going to do if my problem is from birth or intermediate?

I was watching shows in TV.There are many mentally challenged peoples who live in the world and trying to come up in life. This show is about them telling their bottlenecks in life. In that a person was telling a situation which he feels laughing. This person was mentally and physically challenged. He came to the hospital with his mother. There was an old man sitting opposite to him and seeing this boy (person telling this story), by sensing this boys behavior, the old man began to sense that this boy is not a normal boy. 

The boy’s mother left her seat to enquire about the doctor's availability. The old man who was sitting opposite to the boy came to this boy and sat next to him. He asked the boy whether this problem was from intermediate due to some accident or from his child birth. The boy told this story and told the audience. What would the old man going to do if he told him that it is from child birth or if it is from intermediate? Will it going to help this boy anyway. No. So the boy asked why people ask these silly questions and hurt other people. 

People don’t realize that by asking these types of question will hurt the person opposite who is facing that kind of Problem.

Is God Good Or Bad

Is God good or Bad? The first thing when it comes to many of our minds is good. This is not so at all the time. Sometime when we are at sorrow like when someone nearer to us was taken away permanently, we feel that god is bad. I am going to tell a short story. There was a family with a father, mother and a kid. In that family suddenly the kid died due to an accident and everyone was feeling very bad and his mother was even scolding the god and telling that god is very bad by taking her only kid. In somewhere distance at the same time a child is born and everybody is thanking god for the good for bringing a new life to the world. Now coming to the family, After a year the lady who lost her kid gives birth to a baby. The family is thanking god for giving her a new child. So my question is the same person who said god is bad at a certain point of life says god is good. Did god suddenly change from bad to good or good to bad? No. It is the maturity which is achieved by experiences in life which teaches us good and bad.