15 reasons why you should avoid worry


#1. You cant stop anything by worry.
You cant stop anything happening by worrying . It is anyway going to happen. Thinking more about it make the Problem Worse, So come out of it.

#2. It Affects your health

Too much worry will affectg your health and you feel tired and goes to a depressed mode. Your health will be affected due to unnecessary worry.

#3. Stress your life.
Due to worry you are getting stressed and due to that your health gets worse and you will be stressed and it will also affects your personal life.

#4. You will Lose Confidence.
You will start loosing confidence in yourself due to worry and you will not be able to undertake tough things in your life.

#5. Your mind becomes weaker to handle things
Once you start worrying too much, your mind becomes weaker to nhandle other things and problems in your life.

#6. Preoccupied with worry
You began to preoccupied with the worry factor that you begin to forgot other important things in life which indirectly affects your life.

#7. Affects the surounding people.
Once you become to worry often, it affects the people near you by changing their mood also.

#8. You become to worry often.
It will become a habit to worry often for little problems also which makes a bad habit.

#9. People like happy persons.
People like happy persons only. If you worry too much and share your problems with them, they will start thinking that this guy has too much problems and hesitate to move frely.

#10. You will become depressed.

You will start feeling depression because of the worries and depression will overtake you.

#11. Worry shows n your face.
we can see worries in people faces easily and the person face will be sad and is not nice for you to move like it.

#12. Worry doesn't change the course of actions.
Worrying does not change the course of action going to happen in life. Worrying to Face the consequence is a waste of time as it does not change the course of events to happen,

#13. You start forgetting time.
You start forgetting the time it was as you are too much affected by worry and your family will feel it and it also affects them.

#14. Worry does not reduce your burden.
Worry does not reduce your burden by worrying. So what is the use in worrying.

#15. You loose courage to face problems.

You start loosing the courage to face problems in your life and how to handle them. If you face a more tough problem you start worrying more.