30 Shopping tips to know before buying in a Super Market or grocerry store

#!. Make a list of items you plan to buy before you go
It is best to prepare a list of items you wish to buy before you go shopping in a supermarket. You will forgot some items and remember only when you are back from shopping.

#2. Buy Large quantities at Bargains.
If there is a cheap offer, buy in large quantities, so that you can use that for the next month also. This is applicable to items which does not get expired or disposed soon. This will save you money.

#3. Compare prices with quality
Don't buy an item because it is cheap, compare it with the quality of the items and whether it was going well in the market before you buy. Some cheap products may not be of good quality.

#4. Don't buy a product because your favorite product stock is not there.
Usually when we are shopping, we buy the product which we always buy. Sometimes these products may not be available, So we buy some other product of same item. This may not be the best idea. The other product you buy may not be as good as this. So be careful.

#5. Buy New Products after hearing about it.
Suppose there is a new product, don't select it for trying it out. Hear about it from the store owner how the stock is and how well it is sold in the market and then buy.

#6. Buy Fresh stock.
Many times at the time when we go shopping, Fresh stocks will not be there and already available stocks may be too old. So it is better to come when the new stocks arrives or shop at another place to get same product.

#7. Check Expiry Date.
The biggest mistake we do sometimes is for items which get expired, we do not check the expiry date before buying. This will lead to health problems if we use that product which has got expired.

#8. Purchase high, Discount high.
There will be offers or discount at many supermarket to give discount or gifts to people who buy more. You can purchase at one shot and gain these offers than visiting more often to the store and buying in small quantities.

#9. Do not buy more edible items and keep it in stock.
Items like vegetables, fruits, juices will get expired soon so don't buy and keep it in stock, instead buy less items and come often to buy it.

#10. Being a regular customer gives you benefits.
If you are a regular customer of the supermarket, you are bound to receive some benefits. Some supermarket gives loyalty points or discounts. some will get the product back in case of any problems. So shop in the same supermarket.

#11. Brand names also matters.
Products of companies which has a good brand name in market can be bought which lesser risk than of the products of other companies. So go for good brands.

#12. Check the quantity of the bill with the items in your shopping cart.
It is better to recheck the bill with your shopping cart. Sometimes mistakes happen like the quantity mentioned in the bill is not matching your shopping cart.

#13. Do not shop at urgency.
If you visit a supermarket at the time when you have a busy plan at other end to do, don't go for shopping. Because in urgency you will forgot some products and also about the product you select quality.

#14. Plan your budget accordingly and buy.
While selecting the items in the supermarket, plan according with the budget and the amount you have to spend, Or else at the last times you have to take some items out of your shopping cart.

#15.Use discount coupons at bulk quantities.
If you have any discount coupons for any products, use it wisely. Don't use it for less quantity because the discount will be really useful when you purchase large quantities.

#17. It is best to shop alone.
It is best to shop alone than with the kids, As your concentration will be more on the kids than on the shopping items and you will miss out some items which you have planned to buy.

#18. Don't go shopping when Hungry.
When you go to shopping when you are hungry, You will be wanting to buy many items and junk foods. So it is better not to go to shopping when hungry.

#19. Analyze Plan For the week and go shopping.
Before going shopping check whether you will be going somewhere this week or some visitors or coming and then go shopping in a super market.

#20. Urgent shopping should contain the necessary ones only.
Suppose you get some visitors in the week or you are out of stock and need items urgently, buy only necessary items and come. Buy items what you need at the next shopping in bulk to get discount.

#21. Know the future shops discount offers and plan accordingly.
Usually stores will give some discount offers for special occasions. Knowing them and buying them accordingly will help you save money.

#22. Don't shop at peak hours
It is better to shop at  non peak hours. It is best to go shop in daytime because there will be less crowd and you can checkout soon than at the evening.

#23. Compare products.
Before selecting an item compare it over with another item and see why the one you select will be good to buy. This will help you in selecting the best product.

#25.Don't take kids for shopping.
If you take kids with you for shopping, you will end up monitoring them. They will take some items and start opening or may push some items. better not to take kids when shopping.
#26. Take extra care when holding items.
Take care while you hold the goods. If while holding the items and it fell down and damaged you have to pay for this item also.

#27. The selected item may be defective.
Sometimes the item you have selected may be damaged or defective and you may not be knowing it. You will come to know when you are home only. So take extra care by checking whether the good is not damaged while selecting it.

#28. Know whn fresh stocks usually comes.
Know when fresh stocks usually comes to the supermarket and shop it fresh, so that the goods can be retained for long time.

#29.Avoid phone calls on mobile when shopping.
   Sometimes we will get calls while we are shopping. We will be selecting items while we are on the phone. When you go home and check you may have selected some wrong item instead of what you want.

#30.Do not buy same product even if a better new one is in market.
   Usually we buy what we usually buy. Some new item of the same kind may be in the market which may have come and may be better than that. SO we can try it out after hearing from people that it was noce.

Eight Snacks Which are not healthy for you


We eat snacks often. But not all snacks is good for our health. It is better to avoid snacks which contains oils or high fat content. It is also good to avoid snacks which does not contain nutrition value.Given below are the unhealthy junk foods.

#1. Potato chips.
    It is best to avoid eating potato snacks often. Too much oily stuff is not good for health. If you still want to have it, eat it with a meal. Don't eat it as a snack.

#2. Packaged juices.
    It is better to drink fresh juices than packaged drinks. Packaged drinks contains many preservatives to make it last longer. Try to avoid packaged drinks as much as possible.

#3. Chat Items.
    Too much chat items is not good for your health. It is better to avoid eating chat items more often. It will also make you put more weight.

#4. Chocolate.
    It is better to avoid chocolate. It puts up more weight and also contain more sugars .It also contains no nutrition value. So we can avoid taking chocolates.

#5. Burgur.

      It is best to avoid eating burger which contains high saturated fate. Eating more burgers will also put up more weight. Burger with french fries will put up more fat.
#6. Energy Drinks
      Energy drinks may make you temporarily boosted but they do not contain any nutrition. These energy drink also contain more caffeine and some may even contain alcohol which are not good for your health.

#7. Backed cakes.
    Backed cakes,cookies,doughnuts  contain lot of fats which are not good for your health. You will end up putting more weight.

#8. Popcorn.
    Popcorn is high in fat contont. It is better to avoid it. While watching movies when we eat popcorn we will be eating more which will add more fat only.

15 Must Know Reasons Why You Should Avoid Caffeine.


#1.It does not boost your Energy.
Caffeine does not boost your energy.It is a mild stimulant which acts temporarily. But many people are not aware of this.Though people who take caffeine regularly are generally less sensitive to its effects.

#2.It increases anxiety.
Caffeine causes more anxiety. It also causes jitterness and you will feel more active than normal time. Too much anxiety is also very bad for your health. It leads to many problems.

#3.It boosts blood pressure.
Regular intake of cofee also bost your blood presure. THis affets your health and blood pressure is a serius problem to handle. When people are in a stress and taking cofee will increase your blood pressure.

#4.It reduces many minerals.
Minerals like Magnesium ,pottasiam and zinc are needed in building up of your body in day to day life. Constant drinking of caffeine leads to reduced minerals in your body.

#5.It is hard to get out of it.
Taking caffeine daily will become addictive and it is very hard to stop it. For stopping it you have to gradually reduce the intake to stop it. More people need their content of morning cofee in the morning to startup their work.

#6. It is hard to sleep.
Some people find it harder to sleep if their caffeine intake is more than 2 cups. Their sleep gets disrupted and They will have trouble getting into sleep soon.

#7. Stopping of caffeine leads to temporary problems like depression
Once you planned to stop caffeine and you start reducing the intake you will find many problems like depression. Your day will not go as it normally used to. Once you have fully and 2 months have gone then these problems will not be there.

#8. Caffeine does not improve memory.
Some feel that intake of caffine will boost your memory but it is not true. Intake of caffine does not boost your memory.

#9. It reduces calcium for your bones.
Calcium is a very important mneral for your bones. Caffeine intake
reduces the calcium for your bones in your body and increases the risk of osteoporosis. Women are the mostly affected if calcium is reduced.

#10. Caffeine does not give you energy.
Many people drink energy drinks which contains caffeine. Actually
caffeine does not give you energy but stimulates your nervous system and adrenals. So you think you feel energised.

#11. It increases stress in your body.
Constant intake of caffeine leads to stress in your body. It will take long time before these levels come to normal.

#12. It stimulates the flow of stomach acid.
Caffeine also stimulates the flow of stomach acid. So people who have stomch or ulcer problems should avoid it.

#13. It does not have any nutritional value.
Caffeine does not contain any nutrition benifits to the body. Intake of caffeine is not useful to you in any ways. So it is better to avoid it.

#14. It can lead to dehydration.
Caffeine intake more and more can lead to dehydration. So it is better to avoid it.

#15. It already raises your blood sugar.
Caffeine raises your blood sugar levels which if increases more can lead to diabetics.

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