10 things to know before placing a house for sale advertisement online.

#1. Write all house features.
Put all the feature of the house you plan to sell in the advertisement. People will compare your requirements with the needs which they have in mind and apply. So parties who are interested in what you have mentioned will only apply.

#2. Do not reveal your personal phone number.
Do not reveal your personal phone number in the advertisement, You may get many calls even after you have sold your house. Buyers may keep you bugging even after the deal is over.

#3. Note the time at which they can contact you.
If you did not mention the time span when the buyers can contact you, you will be receiving calls when you are busy at work also. So mention it in the advertisement you place online.

#4. Close the advertisement once your house is sold.
Close the advertisement you have placed in the site so that you may not be disturbed with unwanted phone calls to your phone. The buyer will also be burdened less.

#5. Avoid putting price in the Advertisement if it will be changed in future.
Avoid mentioning the price in the advertisement if you will be changing the price in future. People may get mislead, if the price you have mentioned in the ad differs from what it is quoted now.

#6. Readable content.
The content which you plan to put should be easily readable by all and should clarify most of their questions. So that they need not call you to ask for more clarification.

#7.Don't place in all places where it is free to apply ads.
Don't undervalue your ad by placing it in many free sites where it is free to place ad. You will end up getting buyers more but the quality gets less.

#8. Mention the landmark near the house.
It would interest the buyers and also be easy for them to find your home easily if you put the landmarks here your house.

#9. Mention Furnishing and other details of house.
Try to mention the furnishing details and other details online as it is not a
newspaper ad to restrict your content within the size.

#10. Ask the experts.
Ask the persons who are experts in the field on how to advertise online and you will get many tips from them.