10 ways to reduce heat in top most floor flat


1. Use thick curtains so that the heat doesnt pass after the curtains

2. Use Window Blinds against curtains to reduce the heat

3. If your house is top floor then try to paint reflective coating in terrace which wil reduce the heat waves.

4. If your house is top floor then keep some pot plants on terrace so that there will be shades against the floor which will reduce some heat.

5. Install false ceilings with thermocole so that it will absorb some heat.

6. Open all the ventilation windows at night so that at least at night your house will get cool. If Mosquitoes is problem then put mosquito nets at windows.

7. A thatched roof on your terrace would help reduce the heat, but it will be costly.

8. Go for air conditioners and buy according to your room size. This is a costlier option. Electric bill will increase based on usage.You can also opt for Air coolers

9.Go to terrace and put water across the terrace so that it will cool a little for the floor below.

10. Moving to a floor which is not the top most floor