25 Reasons or Side Effects why you should quit smoking

Here listed below are the side effects of smoking and why you should stop smoking

#1. Addiction.
Once you have started smoking, you will get more addicted to it and will continue to smoke more often, which is very bad for your health. You will also find very hard to stop smoking.

#2. More Risks of Cancer.
People who smoke have more chances of having cancer. The gas which comes out of smoking is very bad for your health and those who smoke are in risk of developing different type of cancer like oral cancer or lung cancer.

#3. More Risks of heart Diseases.
People who smoke have higher risks of geting heart diseases. Many people who smoke have heart diseases due to smoking.

#4. Smoking Damages your Mouth and Gums.
People who smoke gets their mouth and gums affected. The gas the smoke releases affects your gums and mouth and make them weaker.

#5. More Risks of getting affected by eye diseases.
People who smoke are also in the high risks of getting affected by eye related diseases like cataract and can also in the maximum lead to loss of eye sight.

#6. Higher Risk of injury and slows healing.
Smoking people have higher risks of injury and slows the time it takes to heal from wounds and cuts.

#7. Higehr Risk of getting Buerger Disease.
Buerger disease is a disease that is caused by smoking. Smokers have higher risk of getting this disease.

#8. Higher Risk of Smoking and tobacco related diseases.
Many people who smoke are in the risks of getting smoke and tobacco related diseases often. So please try to avoid smoking.

#9. Higher Risk of geting ulcers.
People who smoke have the higher risks of getting ulcers and bowel problems. The content of cigaratte contains substances which can affect your stomach and digestive systems in lungs.

#10. Set fire to buildings.
Many buildings are set to fire due to the careless of smokers who threw the cigarette nereby.

#11. Respiratory Disease like Asthma
People who smoke get respiratory disease like asthma very soon which will affect their health. Mainly many people get asthma due to smoking.

#12. Smokers have bad breath.
Smokers have bad breath which affects by people moving away from you. Nobody like people with bad breath. This will affect your social life also.

#13. Smoking leads to depression.
You may feel better for some time when you smoke, but the other times you will feel very depressed and leads to addiction of smoking.

#14. Higher risk of Cardiovascular Disease.
People who smoke have higher risks of developing many Cardiovascular Diseases. So it is better to avoid smoking.

#15. Affects nereby persons.
While you smoke, the smoke affects nereby persons in the environment and leads them to have heart disease,respiratory problems and more. If you get affected in diseases then it is your problem, why should other gets affected.

#16. Smokeing Men have higher risks of impotent problems.
People who smoke have the higher risks of getting problems like getting impotent and other problems related to reproduction.

#17. Greater risk of aortic aneurism.
Those who smoke have the greater risk of developing aortic aneurism. So it is best to avoid it.

#18. Greater risks of Dementia and neurologic diseases.
People who smoke have higher risks of developing Dementia and neurologic diseases also.

#19. Smoking Female have fertility problem.
People who smoke more often have the risks of getting more fertility problem and other problems related to it.

#20. Smoking may pass on to children from mothers
In case of breast feeding for children from mothers who smoke, the children may get the effects of the smoking to children.

#21. Smoking can lead to cracked lips, sores, lips colour change.
Smoking can also lead to cracked lips, sores and the color of your lips getting changed.

#22. Higher risks of getting bad skin and wrinkles.
People who smoke have the higher risks of getting bad skin or wrinkles in their face.

#23. Smoking can lead to death.
In many health problems mentioned in the above, which gets worse may lead to death. This will naturally affect your friend and relatives indirectly. You have a life to live, why lose it unnecessarily.

#24. Kids try to do what parents do,
Kids will try to do what parents do as they are their role models, So if you are smoking and have kids, probably your son may follow your style and start smoking. So it is best to stop at this stage itself.

#25. It affects your family and kids,
Many families are affected due to smokers in the family in the form of diseases or even death due to smoking. Are you still not convinced smoking is bad not only for you but also for your kids.

Note to viewers:
If you have a reason or side affect of smoking, Please add to list so that i will add it to this list. By this way we can prevent smoking by educating others to stop it.

15 reasons why you should avoid worry


#1. You cant stop anything by worry.
You cant stop anything happening by worrying . It is anyway going to happen. Thinking more about it make the Problem Worse, So come out of it.

#2. It Affects your health

Too much worry will affectg your health and you feel tired and goes to a depressed mode. Your health will be affected due to unnecessary worry.

#3. Stress your life.
Due to worry you are getting stressed and due to that your health gets worse and you will be stressed and it will also affects your personal life.

#4. You will Lose Confidence.
You will start loosing confidence in yourself due to worry and you will not be able to undertake tough things in your life.

#5. Your mind becomes weaker to handle things
Once you start worrying too much, your mind becomes weaker to nhandle other things and problems in your life.

#6. Preoccupied with worry
You began to preoccupied with the worry factor that you begin to forgot other important things in life which indirectly affects your life.

#7. Affects the surounding people.
Once you become to worry often, it affects the people near you by changing their mood also.

#8. You become to worry often.
It will become a habit to worry often for little problems also which makes a bad habit.

#9. People like happy persons.
People like happy persons only. If you worry too much and share your problems with them, they will start thinking that this guy has too much problems and hesitate to move frely.

#10. You will become depressed.

You will start feeling depression because of the worries and depression will overtake you.

#11. Worry shows n your face.
we can see worries in people faces easily and the person face will be sad and is not nice for you to move like it.

#12. Worry doesn't change the course of actions.
Worrying does not change the course of action going to happen in life. Worrying to Face the consequence is a waste of time as it does not change the course of events to happen,

#13. You start forgetting time.
You start forgetting the time it was as you are too much affected by worry and your family will feel it and it also affects them.

#14. Worry does not reduce your burden.
Worry does not reduce your burden by worrying. So what is the use in worrying.

#15. You loose courage to face problems.

You start loosing the courage to face problems in your life and how to handle them. If you face a more tough problem you start worrying more.

10 things to know before placing a house for sale advertisement online.

#1. Write all house features.
Put all the feature of the house you plan to sell in the advertisement. People will compare your requirements with the needs which they have in mind and apply. So parties who are interested in what you have mentioned will only apply.

#2. Do not reveal your personal phone number.
Do not reveal your personal phone number in the advertisement, You may get many calls even after you have sold your house. Buyers may keep you bugging even after the deal is over.

#3. Note the time at which they can contact you.
If you did not mention the time span when the buyers can contact you, you will be receiving calls when you are busy at work also. So mention it in the advertisement you place online.

#4. Close the advertisement once your house is sold.
Close the advertisement you have placed in the site so that you may not be disturbed with unwanted phone calls to your phone. The buyer will also be burdened less.

#5. Avoid putting price in the Advertisement if it will be changed in future.
Avoid mentioning the price in the advertisement if you will be changing the price in future. People may get mislead, if the price you have mentioned in the ad differs from what it is quoted now.

#6. Readable content.
The content which you plan to put should be easily readable by all and should clarify most of their questions. So that they need not call you to ask for more clarification.

#7.Don't place in all places where it is free to apply ads.
Don't undervalue your ad by placing it in many free sites where it is free to place ad. You will end up getting buyers more but the quality gets less.

#8. Mention the landmark near the house.
It would interest the buyers and also be easy for them to find your home easily if you put the landmarks here your house.

#9. Mention Furnishing and other details of house.
Try to mention the furnishing details and other details online as it is not a
newspaper ad to restrict your content within the size.

#10. Ask the experts.
Ask the persons who are experts in the field on how to advertise online and you will get many tips from them.

25 Things you should know before Selling your house

#1. Where To Advertise.
First you should decide which type of advertising to go for and where. It will attract more buyers for your house. You can apply in any one of the following apply modes- Apply online or go through a broker or put it in newspaper.

#2.Note down the features of your home.
Please note down the features of your home so that you will be clear when you are
placing your advertisement. Also you can list down the features to buyers which will help them in matching with their needs.

#3. Is Price set by you is a price balanced with the neighborhood rate.
The natural tendency is to set the somewhat higher than the current price. But you should also consider the prices in the neighborhood and fix, because you may find difficulty in selling your house.

#4. Is it the right time to sell.
First analyze the market and then check whether it is the right time for you to sell your house and if you sell at the right time, you will end up with getting high price for the house. if you can predict the market and sell it at boom, You will get more profit.

#5. Good Buyer.
Even if a buyer accept the price, you should analyze the buyer and should see whether he has the credit limit, and will meet to your terms and conditions. You should analyze the buyer before signing the deal.

#6. Follow your Decision.
Many people, after they put up their house for sale, get confused after sometime about whether to sell now or later. First make a correct decision and then go after it. Don't confuse.

#7. Keep your document safe and handover it carefully.
You should keep the original documents carefully and handover it carefully after the deal is over. Keep it in a safe place.

#8. Do important repairs before selling.
If you have some major repairs, try to do it before selling. Even though it doesn't pay off. Your stand will be more in the case when you have done major repairs than mentioning it to the buyers to take care of it.

#9. Mention whether the prize is negotiable or not.
Mention clearly whether the price of the house you are planning to buy will be
negotiable or not. So you can avoid the other type of buyers.

#10. Don't set your price too high or low.
Set the price moderately according to the value pertaining in that area. If you set it too high, you may end up with few buyers or no buyers. If you set too low, the buyers may think that your house may have some problems or you ending up in loss.

#11. Hire a person to handle the selling.
If you are not efficient in attracting the buyers are explaining your house details and finishing the deal, it is best to hire a professional who take care of these things.

#12. Write down all costs and profit you get out of the sale.
Plan and write down the costs which will be incurred and set a price based on the profit you want. Ensure that it matches the rate prevailing in that area. Be clear about what you will get out of this sale.

#13. Marketing and attracting buyers.
Ensure that you do good marketing about the house you plan to sell. Good marketing will surely reward with a lot of buyers. You will also end up negotiating for a better price.

#14. Keep your home neat and attractive before the showoff
Keep the house in a neat clean condition when you are planning to show it to the buyers. Even though they are going to buy the house only the furniture and other things will also attract people.

#15. Keep Multiple Xerox copiers of land plan and other details.
It is best to keep multiple xerox copies of the land plan and other details so that if a buyer has almost finalized the deal and ask for the documents, you can give xerox copies to them.

#16. Have documents ready.
Keep the document copies ready so that you can handover to the buyers if they are happy and want to finalize the deal. It would be nice if you keep multiple copies of documents.

#17. Be Open and disclose all facts.
If a buyer is happy with the house and prize and would finalize the deal, Be open and disclose all events and other things about the home and any issues if known which may rise to the buyer in future.

#18. Make interiors appealing for show off.
Make the interiors appealing to buyers so that they will like it and make them to buy. This will attract the liking of the house.

#19. Mention the distance between the house and the nearby Transportation and Landmarks.
It will be useful to the buyers if you mention the distance between the house and transport areas. It will also be useful if you mention the nearby landmark distance also.

#20. Save costs by Selling by owners.
If you sell by yourself and without the help of brokers, you will save cost but you may also end up with less buyers and also low price. If you really have the talent and marketing is done and your house is in prime areas,Then you can try selling it yourself.

#21. Make correct valuation of your house.
Try to make a correct valuation of your house and set the price, because it is a really difficult task to set the price. You have to consider many factors.

#22. Hire a lawyer.
It is best to spare some bucks and hire a lawyer than managing your own. He will have many experience till now and will give the procedures and advice on how to handle things.

#23.Discuss the payment details clearly.
Discuss the payment mode and the time span within which they will pay so that you will be clear in what you will be doing and when you will receive complete payment.

#24. Learn from other experiences.
You can learn a lot when you hear other people experiences. Hear about if from friends and relatives so that you can be cautious while selling your home.

#25. Take the advice of lawyers,brokers and others
Before you place an advertisement for selling,take advices from lawyers,brokers and friends who will give you many useful tips and advices and also the procedures and difficulties involving it.

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