Top 12 Remedies for gastric Problems


1.Drink Lots of water.
Drinking lots of water is very good for your body. This also helps you in making your liver feel better

2. Eat garlic in empty stomach and drink water after it.
If you ask me this is the best remedy. This will surely get you back to normal.

3. Drink coconut water.
Drinking coconut water is an excellent remedy for gastric problem.Correct your eating habits

4. Follow correct eating schedule.
Following a correct eating schedule will really help you. You should eat

4.Avoid Intake of caffeine and alcohol.
Stopping your caffeine and alcohol will surely reduce your gastric trouble in no time

5.Avoid Potato
Avoid eating of potato. Eating potato will increase your gastric problem.

6.Have a walk
Having a walk after sometime you had your food will reduce your gastric troubles.

7. Do not eat to your tummy full.
Eating more quantity making your tummy full will make you feel bloating effect and as you have gastric problem, this will aggravate it.

8. Avoid Fried foods and nuts.
Try to avoid fried foods and nuts. This can aggravate your gastric problem.

9.Do not sleep after eating food.
Do not try to sleep after having food. give at least 1 hour gap from the time you had food and sleep.

10.Do not have empty stomach..
Do not make your stomach empty for long time. this will also increase gastric troubles.

11. Use natural remedies.
Use natural remedies like having a ginger tea or green tea which will help you.

12. Consult a doctor.
You can consult a gastroenterologist who are specialist in this