30+ Reasons Why You Should Blog


#1.You can share your ideas with others through blogging.

#2.You can earn Money through Blogging.

#3.Your ideas and tips may be useful to others.

#4.You can get famous and popular in the net by your writing.

#5.You can influence people by your blogs.

#6.You can have a blog community and followers making you more powerful.

#7.Your blog will speak for you.

#8.You can earn money by sponsered posts.

#9.Others will come to know about you.

#10.You can spend your free time.

#11.You can use your blog as marketting tool.

#12.Your ideas will reach millions of people.

#13.You can help others with your ideas.

#14.Your capabilities and potential will be know to others.

#15.You could prove your writing skills.

#16.Your knowledge will live in the world even after you.

#17.Blogging can also relieve your stress. can get new friends through blogging.

#19.You wont loose anything by blogging.

#20.Atleast someone will appreciate your ideas.

#21.People will begin to respect you more.

#22.People will start taking you seriously.

#23.You will get Moral satisfaction that atleast somebody gets benifited by your ideas and tips

#24.Blogging is a powerful tol to reach many people.

#25.Blogging is also used to express your feelings to others.

#26.You may even get benifited from your articles in future.

#27.Who knows blogging may become your profession, if you can write well and make good money out of it.

#28. Housewives and others can earn money by working at home by creating blogs or articles for other sites.

#29.Blogging has become a hobby these days.

#30.You can quit blogging anytime you want.

#31.You can create a blog for free these days.

Top Ten Reasons why you should not compare yourself with others


Here given below are top ten reasons why you should not compare yourself with others

#1. Unique,
   Each one of us created by god are unique in their own ways. You cannot compare yourself to other person to have all things like him. You have your own merits and demerits and so do the other person you compare.

#2. Comparison in terms of money,health.
    It is waste in wanting to get health,money,etc.. like some other person. Accept the facts of what has been given to you and try to get the maximum out of it. It is a waste of time to daydream to have things like others.

#3. Fate and destiny.
   Your Fate and destiny is set before itself, Do not try wasting your time comparing yourself to another person and try to get all like him

#4. This is the Present not future.
    Whatever happening to you is the present. This is not going to last till your life end. When there is a night coming after day, your future can be better than what you are and the person whom you are comparing may be bad or good. So this is not end of it, you can also achieve.

#5. Hidden Potential
  Each of us are set to achieve different heights. You dont know your hidden talents instead compare with another person and waste your time. Find out your hidden talents and try harder so that you will surely achieve.

#6. Law of Average.
   If you take the law of average every human being has his own reason to be happy and also sad. Not all get everything what they want. In average everybody has some good and bad things happening in life. Only some gets many good things happening. So leave the thinking of comparing with others.

#7. Compare persons who have more problems.
   If you compare yourself with a person who is gifted more than you, you should also compare with the person who has less than you. Even you got something which that guy dont have.

#8. Humans can never be satisfied..
   Basically we humans can never be satisfied. when we get we will dream for more of it. There is no end to man desires. We are never contented with what we have instead ask more.

#9. Dont estimate a person with what you see.
    Never estimate a person with what you see. He may have many problems which you did not even think off. He may look like it in your point but he may also have lots of difficulties in life now or  to achieve this.

#10. Nobody can have everything in life which will be boring.
    Nobody can have only happiness or only sad in life. Nobody can have all he wants in life. If it is the case it will be boring. He will not be able to face challanges in life.