What are you going to do if my problem is from birth or intermediate?

I was watching shows in TV.There are many mentally challenged peoples who live in the world and trying to come up in life. This show is about them telling their bottlenecks in life. In that a person was telling a situation which he feels laughing. This person was mentally and physically challenged. He came to the hospital with his mother. There was an old man sitting opposite to him and seeing this boy (person telling this story), by sensing this boys behavior, the old man began to sense that this boy is not a normal boy. 

The boy’s mother left her seat to enquire about the doctor's availability. The old man who was sitting opposite to the boy came to this boy and sat next to him. He asked the boy whether this problem was from intermediate due to some accident or from his child birth. The boy told this story and told the audience. What would the old man going to do if he told him that it is from child birth or if it is from intermediate? Will it going to help this boy anyway. No. So the boy asked why people ask these silly questions and hurt other people. 

People don’t realize that by asking these types of question will hurt the person opposite who is facing that kind of Problem.