Is God Good Or Bad

Is God good or Bad? The first thing when it comes to many of our minds is good. This is not so at all the time. Sometime when we are at sorrow like when someone nearer to us was taken away permanently, we feel that god is bad. I am going to tell a short story. There was a family with a father, mother and a kid. In that family suddenly the kid died due to an accident and everyone was feeling very bad and his mother was even scolding the god and telling that god is very bad by taking her only kid. In somewhere distance at the same time a child is born and everybody is thanking god for the good for bringing a new life to the world. Now coming to the family, After a year the lady who lost her kid gives birth to a baby. The family is thanking god for giving her a new child. So my question is the same person who said god is bad at a certain point of life says god is good. Did god suddenly change from bad to good or good to bad? No. It is the maturity which is achieved by experiences in life which teaches us good and bad.