15 Must Know Reasons Why You Should Avoid Caffeine.


#1.It does not boost your Energy.
Caffeine does not boost your energy.It is a mild stimulant which acts temporarily. But many people are not aware of this.Though people who take caffeine regularly are generally less sensitive to its effects.

#2.It increases anxiety.
Caffeine causes more anxiety. It also causes jitterness and you will feel more active than normal time. Too much anxiety is also very bad for your health. It leads to many problems.

#3.It boosts blood pressure.
Regular intake of cofee also bost your blood presure. THis affets your health and blood pressure is a serius problem to handle. When people are in a stress and taking cofee will increase your blood pressure.

#4.It reduces many minerals.
Minerals like Magnesium ,pottasiam and zinc are needed in building up of your body in day to day life. Constant drinking of caffeine leads to reduced minerals in your body.

#5.It is hard to get out of it.
Taking caffeine daily will become addictive and it is very hard to stop it. For stopping it you have to gradually reduce the intake to stop it. More people need their content of morning cofee in the morning to startup their work.

#6. It is hard to sleep.
Some people find it harder to sleep if their caffeine intake is more than 2 cups. Their sleep gets disrupted and They will have trouble getting into sleep soon.

#7. Stopping of caffeine leads to temporary problems like depression
Once you planned to stop caffeine and you start reducing the intake you will find many problems like depression. Your day will not go as it normally used to. Once you have fully and 2 months have gone then these problems will not be there.

#8. Caffeine does not improve memory.
Some feel that intake of caffine will boost your memory but it is not true. Intake of caffine does not boost your memory.

#9. It reduces calcium for your bones.
Calcium is a very important mneral for your bones. Caffeine intake
reduces the calcium for your bones in your body and increases the risk of osteoporosis. Women are the mostly affected if calcium is reduced.

#10. Caffeine does not give you energy.
Many people drink energy drinks which contains caffeine. Actually
caffeine does not give you energy but stimulates your nervous system and adrenals. So you think you feel energised.

#11. It increases stress in your body.
Constant intake of caffeine leads to stress in your body. It will take long time before these levels come to normal.

#12. It stimulates the flow of stomach acid.
Caffeine also stimulates the flow of stomach acid. So people who have stomch or ulcer problems should avoid it.

#13. It does not have any nutritional value.
Caffeine does not contain any nutrition benifits to the body. Intake of caffeine is not useful to you in any ways. So it is better to avoid it.

#14. It can lead to dehydration.
Caffeine intake more and more can lead to dehydration. So it is better to avoid it.

#15. It already raises your blood sugar.
Caffeine raises your blood sugar levels which if increases more can lead to diabetics.


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Anonymous said...

It seems that drinking coffee, impairs your ability to spell correctly and causes one to repeat oneself. Points 1 and 10.