Eight Snacks Which are not healthy for you


We eat snacks often. But not all snacks is good for our health. It is better to avoid snacks which contains oils or high fat content. It is also good to avoid snacks which does not contain nutrition value.Given below are the unhealthy junk foods.

#1. Potato chips.
    It is best to avoid eating potato snacks often. Too much oily stuff is not good for health. If you still want to have it, eat it with a meal. Don't eat it as a snack.

#2. Packaged juices.
    It is better to drink fresh juices than packaged drinks. Packaged drinks contains many preservatives to make it last longer. Try to avoid packaged drinks as much as possible.

#3. Chat Items.
    Too much chat items is not good for your health. It is better to avoid eating chat items more often. It will also make you put more weight.

#4. Chocolate.
    It is better to avoid chocolate. It puts up more weight and also contain more sugars .It also contains no nutrition value. So we can avoid taking chocolates.

#5. Burgur.

      It is best to avoid eating burger which contains high saturated fate. Eating more burgers will also put up more weight. Burger with french fries will put up more fat.
#6. Energy Drinks
      Energy drinks may make you temporarily boosted but they do not contain any nutrition. These energy drink also contain more caffeine and some may even contain alcohol which are not good for your health.

#7. Backed cakes.
    Backed cakes,cookies,doughnuts  contain lot of fats which are not good for your health. You will end up putting more weight.

#8. Popcorn.
    Popcorn is high in fat contont. It is better to avoid it. While watching movies when we eat popcorn we will be eating more which will add more fat only.