What to watch for when you are taking a car Insurance?


1. If you have claimed for a claim in an year then, the next year
excess compulsary imposed value will be increased. If claim is not done for the next year then it will be again removed.

2. Please note that for Bumper damage in accident, by default insurance will not
cover fully. 50% Depriciation will be there and 50% will only be claimed. So you have to go for Bumper to Bumper Insurance which will cost you extra.

3. There is a goodwill reduction which you can claim from the branch where you have bought the car. But if you have claimed the insurance for a year, then you will not get the discount from next year.

4. Excess compulsary imposed value is the value which need to be paid compulasrily when you are applying for the claim.

5. If you have claimed in the year, then you will not get no claim bonus for the next year