Do not waste your youth period.


We are born into this world. When we enter to the world everything is new. Whatever we saw makes us happy. We also cry in the beginning when we have a challenge that we have not faced before. And after some period we begin to learn to handle the challenges in life. We are not crying for small things. Then our life goes on.

Years pass by. For some who face challenges in life in the beginning itself, he began to set a goal and his mind is focused on to achieve it. He dedicates everything and with hard work he achieves it. When you start growing. That stage youth is the biggest stage. Whatever you read will sit in your mind. Whatever you think at those years will shape your life. Your brain is at the fastest growing stage at this age so is your body. If you try to enjoy your life at that stage, then your life will be miserable.

This is a stage where Whatever you do can be made happen. New Ideas will start popping out. The stage where you can take risk. So what is being said to you at this age will have an impact on you. There is a famous proverb. "If you did not bend on age 5 you can’t bend at age 50." So understand this and start doing activities which will improve your knowledge and doing things which will shape your life.