Learn Life from Animals

A person was tired of facing difficulties again and again in life. He was fed up with life and decided to sucide. God stopped him and came before him. The person asked god why did he save him. He said that he was fed up with life because he was facing troubles repeatedly. God took him to jungle.There a small lion was chasing a zebra for its lunch. This was the first time the lion was hunting without any big lions around  it. Usually at least one big lion will be with him while he was hunting and so the small lion will get its lunch easily. But today it is not the case, the lion was left alone to catch its own meal.

The lion spots a zebra and tries to chase it and kill it. The lion chases the zebra but couldn't kill it as the zebra was big and experienced. The zebra has escaped from the clutch of this lion.
The zebra has escaped this lion as of now. But tomorrow another big lion may chase it up and may or may not kill the zebra.

God said, if the zebra thought that why he has to face this life going struggle daily again and again he would not have grown this big. God also said that you may respond that it doesn't have a brain.
The god asked the person to look at the lion again.

 As we have seen the same lion was tired chasing this zebra and couldn't get its food. It began to search for its lunch and at that time  it spotted a raccoon moving. I would like to remember you again that the lion was small and was hunting for the first time alone. He got no big experience in hinting. The small lion began to chase the raccoon and the raccoon started climbing a tree to escape from the lion and climbed to the top of the tree.

The lion started to climb the tree, The lion  thought it could chase the racoon and get it caught by climbing the tree. It tried hard and started climbing the tree a little. It then began to realize that it cannot be able to proceed further as the racoon does. It began to felt defeat and then thought it will descend the tree and find another lunch.

 A cat can jump from heights and will not get hurt as it is of small weight. But it is not the case of the lion as it is of huge weight. To climb down the tree is the toughest part than climbing up. The reason being it has to bring down its entire weight while coming down. The lion faced many challenges like it got its head caught in a tree trunk and later finally come down.

Generally Big lions dont chase raccoons and climb trees because the lion knows that it cannot climb trees like raccoons by way of experience. This denotes that it also had thinking ability to know that it cannot be able to climb after it tried at least once. So comming back to the zebra , the god said that the troubles for the zebra and you are somewhat same. But I would say that you are far better than the Zebra.

The reason being the zebra has the risk of loosing its life. So  life is full of troubles for every living being in earth. If you started facing it positively, you will survive out of it and become sharper. It is not that every struggle will hit you, it will only mould you more. So start to change your mind to face the struggles instead of thinking why i am having problems again and again in life. Try to beat this and come up in life as life is a struggle.