Need or want


We are all chasing after desires in our lives. For our desires to fulfill, we are coming to know that money only will help us to achieve these desires. These desires may be want or need. When we are at young age we do not know how to differentiate between want and need. A need is a one which is required for us to survive. A want is a wish which your mind converts to a need when you began to think about it often.

Even if we are reading this in articles or experience, we still do not follow this. The reason being that at that age we have no big experience in life, so everything we see in others and we don’t have it, we desire to have it. Once we have what we desired, are we still happy. Yes but at some time only. After some time another one is placed in our mind. Our Life goes on like this till we get matured and you don’t have strength in your body. At this stage you began to know what life is by all your experiences. You began to know this is temporary only. So if you start knowing difference between your need and want, Happiness will be there in your life.

A new maturity will come over you. But this is not an easy task. At least try to know the difference and think before making a decision whether this is a need or want. Thing whether is this as important that it is going to change your life. Instead of that you constantly think that you want it then, your mind converts a want to a need. So give a break for some time and then think whether it is a need or want when your mind is calm.